Stories from DA Success

Deborah Annes has partnered with a variety of clients to find creative solutions and achieve greater success. Here are some examples of her work.

Manufacturing R&D:

“Stress is where I’ve gained the most success. I went from being completely overwhelmed to managing daily tension. Deborah has worked with me to find the right approach. For me it has been about preparation. When I’m prepared, there is little to no stress. The times where I haven’t had the proper preparation, I hold myself accountable and review what I can do the next time to improve the situation, and then I let it go. My perfectionism no longer gets in the way of my learning to improve my performance.”

“I’m also doing much better in the joy department. I’m happier in my relationships (all around) and I’m feeling good about myself. With Deborah’s help I have revamped my exercise routine and have started to choose food wisely. This may seem out of the area of executive coaching but it has turned me from an high potential to a consistently high performer. I have more energy and my team, peers, customers and boss have recognized the differences in me.”

~ Sr. Team Member of a Medical Instrument Research and Development Company

International Retail:

“Deborah is very direct, honest and established the sense of a safe environment from the start. We informally design each session around current topics and challenges with the bigger picture of my strategic growth as the backdrop.

“I am getting a lot out of it. I would hope to maintain this relationship for as long as possible. Personal growth takes a fair bit of time to see it come to life, so my hope is that I have the continued support beyond the initial sessions.

“My personal brand has changed. My peers have acknowledged a change in my style, approach and a general confidence and calmness. Colleagues are reassured that we will meet our project goal and deliver impactful results.”

~ Leader at Fortune 100 Global Retail Organization

High Tech:

“Deborah Annes genuinely listened to my ideas and goals, then helped me to identify clear priorities for my growth and development. I was very satisfied with her specific, actionable advice and clear communication. Overall, my experience of DA Consulting has been excellent.”

~ Sr. Executive High Tech Start-Up

High Tech Start-Up:

“Through my work with Deborah Annes, I have been able to honestly analyze, assess and develop my professional goals and career path. Deb provides an environment in which all aspects of one’s character and personality are thoroughly considered, from professional history to personal hobbies to individual fears and family background. Deb supported me through the process of to taking a breath and, albeit difficult, be honest with myself. Our discussions were intense, interesting, fun and insightful.

~ APP Entrepreneur


“Deborah is an extremely dedicated, highly professional person and a great pleasure to work with. With her extensive expertise in individual and team development we designed and implemented a plan that was instrumental in my progress as a more effective executive as well as the development of my management team.

“Deborah worked collaboratively with me to develop and implement innovative programs such as the internal “Mini-MBA” program that served as catalysts for the accelerated growth of our extended leadership group and transformation of our company culture to deliver benchmark quality and exceptional customer satisfaction.”

~ President, Pharmaceutical and Sales Organization


“Deborah has been instrumental in helping me achieve my career goals. She has exceeded my expectations. I am very appreciative for her coaching, specifically on politics, relationships and communication. Deborah forces a level of honestyand is good at cutting to the chase, which forces me to ask myself some of the tough questions about where I am going, how that relates to the company’s vision and how to create priorities for myself and my team. I am more confident in my leadership presence and my ability to understand people and business without compromising on either.”

~ Chief Executive, Major Research Hospital

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