Organizational Behavior Services from DA Consulting

DA Consulting focuses on organizational behavior and how it manifests itself within organizations on an individual, team or organizational level. We understand how constant change affects people at work, what motivates employees, and how individuals affect team performance. Our services aim to increase the performance and satisfaction throughout your organization through Management and Executive Coaching, Improved Team Performance and Organizational Development.

We approach our work with you as partners, where you act as the expert on your business and we provide expertise in the process of facilitating the desired change. We bring the right structure, questions, and processes for you to achieve your personnel and bottom-line objectives.  Over time, we’ve developed both breadth and depth in the field of organizational behavior. Contact us for an initial consultation to see if working with DA Consulting can help you achieve your vision.

Management and Executive Coaching for Peak Performance

There is a difference between managing and leading. We help our clients navigate both, developing their emotional intelligence along with the processes and skills that increase personal impact within an organization. Our goal is to help you achieve your personal goals in a way that creates life/work satisfaction instead of burnout.

Call us to:

  • Develop executive or leadership presence
  • Cultivate skills for the next level of leadership
  • Transition quickly to a new role
  • Increase work-life satisfaction with proven methodologies
  • Recover from burnout fast
  • Clarify your personal vision, goals and legacy
  • Understand, avoid and change self-sabotaging behavior
  • Grow your network, credibility and influence
  • Learn to manage and lead a global workforce
  • Understand personality styles and gain political savvy
  • Improve communication skills and executive presence
  • Manage stress and develop a program for peak performance

Organizational Development for Smooth Transitions

We help organizations articulate their strategy for organizational development and change management. The challenge is always to continue work while making major changes.  That is why we focus on supporting executives, managers, teams, departments and business units in managing the transition while optimizing work performance.

Our process focuses on supporting morale, and thereby increasing employee satisfaction, leading to greater team performance and stronger business results.

Count on our experience for:

  • Clarifying corporate mission, vision and goals
  • Motivating your workforce
  • Smoother transitions during change
  • Workforce satisfaction and effectiveness surveys
  • Selection and promotion systems that identify and develop great talent
  • Employee education and training programs
  • Managing Mergers and Acquisitions to become one culture, or performing due diligence on the people side to ensure fit
  • Helping to identify your values and align your behavior to them
  • Strategic planning for organizational restructuring

Improved Team Performance

Team dynamics dramatically affect team performance. We understand how people behave within groups, and what makes a successful team. The soft skills of managing politics and personality types within a team can be as important as knowing team objectives and goals. DA Consulting helps teams achieve what’s best for the organization while improving communication and reducing silo thinking and behavior, thereby improving results.

Contact us for:

  • New team workshops
  • Improving team communication and relationships
  • Boosting team motivation
  • Aligning team and organizational goals
  • Implementing new strategies and objectives that support organizational goals
  • Optimizing work during change
  • Minimizing employee pain during transitions
  • Measuring team effectiveness and results
  • Giving teams the skills to manage themselves
  • Helping managers understand how change affects their people
  • Teaching teams and individuals to manage office politics
  • Learning how to coach and mentor direct reports
  • Holding themselves and each other accountable
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