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Bringing Communications Rivals Together:

 A telecommunications company was acquiring a rival in order to become the largest cable company in the world. The financial due diligence suggested an excellent fit, but the people due diligence suggested otherwise.

The cultures differed radically and there was concern that the executives from the acquired company would not endure the , with the potential loss of critical intellectual capital and leadership.

Deborah was asked to coach executives in understanding the new culture and then support their development and implementation of concrete action plans in order to integrate quickly. She helped them to understand how to manage and be accountable for their own career-pathing and development.

The executives embraced the new culture and behavior quickly and were able to help their subordinates to transition with minimal pain and resistance. This resulted in enormous savings based on less leadership and employee turnover and shorter down time during the period of transition to a new, combined organization.

Taking the Drama Out of Leading a Prominent Theater Company:

One of the most nationally prestigious theaters, recognized for its groundbreaking productions, was grappling for a clearly defined strategic direction. The board was concerned with the failure to achieve grant money and for long-term viability during a period of economic instability.

Deborah was retained to facilitate the leadership team in their strategic planning, board relations, leadership team restructuring and dynamics, leadership development and creation of an institutional identity.

Through a process designed to promote organizational learning, including organizational assessment, retreats, team building sessions and individual coaching, the leadership team learned how to lead themselves. Today, the board and leadership team work closely together, ensuring ongoing prosperity of the arts.

This has resulted in the ONLY not-for-profit artistic forum in San Francisco to stay in the black during the drastic change in the economy. Ultimately the clear-cut strategic intent helped to refocus organizational energies, prioritize key initiatives and develop leaders for their future. One of the immediate impacts has been streamlined meetings that are productive and efficient.

Restoring the Family-Run Fortune 100:

The organization had grown from a family business into a Fortune 100 with an enormous amount of history and pride. In the last few years their profits margins had decreased 60-70%. The CEO was concerned about long-term viability.

Based on a Board mandated development program and Sr. Leadership support, Deborah was asked to create a program not only to develop knowledge, skills and ability but to help the organization think and behave differently.

Deborah created a 5 day offsite workshop that was rolled out throughout the organization. This workshop helped leaders and middle-managers to think strategically about the way they do business, understand their competitors, the organization’s supports and restraints, and build their personal skills around negotiation, conflict, emotional intelligence and ethics.

This work has resulted in the organization incorporating new ways to do business, moving from a competing to collaborating culture, increased understanding of themselves and their clients and being able to translate that understanding into increased profits. As an outcome, motivation is up and the future profit picture is promising.

Equipping a Successful CEO for Better Decisions:

The CEO of a mid-size organization in the food and wine industry was contemplating her executive legacy, the next steps for the organization she had built, and her personal life choices.

Deborah was hired to share the process of thinking with a leader who was experiencing the loneliness of being at the top.

Together, Deborah and the CEO started a process of questioning basic assumptions, having philosophical and business related discussions regarding succession and legacy, determining actions, and assuring accountability through consistent follow-through in order to broaden her world-view and help her make the tough decisions.

Based on her increased decision making capability she is living her life based on her core values, feels re-energized and is sleeping better.

Managing Change for International Manufacturers:

A Fortune 100 manufacturing company was implementing a 50 million dollar enterprise resource system in the United States after a failed implementation in their headquarters overseas.

Deborah was hired to develop and lead their change management program to ensure leadership and organizational buy-in, avoid workarounds due to resistance to the new system and save the company millions of dollars by minimizing downtime during transition.

Deborah partnered with the Sr. Leadership team, the Implementation team, and key organizational stakeholders to coach them through the change methodology and communication strategy. Specifically, she coached the Leadership in the development and facilitation of retreats, writing and giving presentations around the country, and creating forums for hearing feedback from the organization.

The implementation was accomplished on time with minimal organizational disruptions and few workarounds, while keeping communication lines open top-down and bottom-up. This resulted in millions saved in managing change prior to crises. Deborah received their prestigious client satisfaction award for the integral part she played in their success.

Developing Women Leadership in Global Organizations:

A global leader in communications was concerned about implementing a radically new organizational strategy.

One of only three female EXEC VPs within the organization was leading the strategic change. The CEO was concerned that she would become a scapegoat and wanted to retain and develop female leadership within the organization.

Deborah was retained to coach her though the political minefields of leading a major organizational change. Work included stakeholder analysis, team leadership, buy-in and alignment, implementation and follow-through. In addition, she helped the executive understand the differences between male and female communication styles in order to be more personally effective.

The executive survived the organizational change and has been promoted.

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